Below are some frequently asked questions…


Do I need to provide a tray and light for the sculpture?

No.  We can rent you a tray and light.   We also have many different lighting options.  The majority of our sculptures are displayed in recycled plastic trays with VERY bright LED lighting.  The LED lights use much less energy than a fluorescent light and are not as hot.  We also have very elegant, mirrored trays with state of the art LED lighting.


Do you provide a table to display the sculpture on?

We do not provide a table for the sculpture to be displayed on.  You will need a sturdy table or counter top to place the ice on.  Keep in mind that 1 block sculptures can weigh as much as 300 lbs , and 2 block sculptures can weigh upwards of 600 lbs!


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  We use a secure connection setup through Intuit Go Payment (the makers of QuickBooks) and can either manually enter your information over the phone, or use our card reader upon delivery.  Also, if you like you can pay with credit card when we send you an invoice.  Paying for an ice sculpture has never been easier!


Do I need to place a deposit on my order?

Most of the time a deposit is not required, however, there are certain circumstances that require a deposit.  If a deposit is required, we will let you know the amount when discussing your design and the deposit will be applied to the remaining balance which will be due upon delivery.


If I see a design or sculpture on the internet, can you duplicate it?

Yes.  Anything you would like, we will carve!  It can be an original design, or one that is used all the time, such as a swan.  If you find a picture you like, simply email it to us or upload it on the Contact page.


What do you use to sculpt your ice?

Some people think we use molds…we do not even own any molds!  All of our sculptures are carved using artistic talent, chain saws, die grinders, chisels and muscle!


How long will an ice sculpture last?

This depends on the design and how hot the environment is where the ice will be displayed.  At room temperature most sculptures last 5 to 8 hours.


Will my sculpture melt during delivery?

We take a lot of precautions to keep the melting to a minimum.  We have custom made transport bags and insulated boxes.  When the temperatures are real hot, we package with dry ice.


How much does an ice sculpture cost?

The cost of an ice sculpture depends on design difficulty and how much ice is used.  We will work with your budget to ensure your event is memorable for years to come!  Contact Us to get more information.