Cocktail Ice

Colorado Ice Works is the ONLY company registered in the State of Colorado to sell this type of ice, and we are VERY proud of that!  After months of preparations, the acquisition of a second warehouse and addition of several pieces of equipment, WE ARE OFFICIAL! 

***CURRENTLY OUR CONSUMABLE ICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WHOLESALE PURCHASE.  Check back soon however, as we have retail plans in the works.  Soon you will be able to buy a bag of our Craft Cocktail Rocks or Spheres to share at your house with your friends…or keep them for yourself!

We are offering the following sizes:

1.75″ cube | 2″ cube | 2.25″ cube

2″ Sphere | 2.3″ sphere

2 inch, crystal clear ice sphere

2 inch, crystal clear ice sphere



What is so great about our cocktail ice?

  • Our ice is crystal clear and much more dense than cocktail ice made in a mold or ice bin. 
  • Because our ice is more dense, it melts at a much slower rate. 
  • Slower melt means less dilution.  Enjoy a drink that is not watered down!
  • Increase revenue by offering a premium product. 
  • Our water is run through a triple filtration system removing particles as small as a molecule of blood!
  • Cocktail ice made in a mold is frozen from the outside in, trapping in air AND flavors from the environment in which it was frozen. 
  • Our spheres have less surface area than any other shape.  For maximum chilling power combined with slowest melt rate, go with the SPHERE!
  • Presentation and high quality ingredients are everything!  Don’t ruin an amazing cocktail with inferior ice.  The choice is clear!

Why choose us?

  • Well…for starters, we are a licensed facility!  What that means is, we do not cut our cocktail ice with chain saws lubricated with WD-40 inside of a garage at our house!  We have nearly 5,000 sq feet of warehouse space, with NSF equipment and a soon to be patented design. 
  • We have been serving the Front Range for over 25 years and have been registered as an LLC since 2006. 
  • We know ice!  We sculpted over 200,000 lbs.  in 2016.
  • We carry a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy and have NEVER had a single claim.
  • Our Cocktail Ice comes professionally packaged with food safe plastic and proper labeling.